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I'm an aspiring writer, hoping to finally be able to publish a book. I'm also an amateur singer and an animal lover.

12. September 2014


Fic Request: Stydia, Scira and Allisaac couple years in the future, gathering for a wedding

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: baseballbatofstydia

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I’m not a Stydia or an Allisaac shipper, but this almost got me to tears. It was so greatly written. :*


run (malisaac)

will you stay with me?


awesome fic idea: malia tate, erica reyes, and jackson whittemore all get trapped in a room together. hilarity and sass ensues.

Oh my god I’d so write it if I had the talent for it ! But anyone, write it please ! xD

25. August 2014

Let’s calm our tits and enjoy the show, shall we ?

19. August 2014

I mean, she’s super old, quiet, creepy AND Peter’s not on the list, so…